KHIJO Rebrands with More Earth-friendly Additions

KHIJO Rebrands with More Earth-friendly Additions

SAVANNAH, GA– In the midst of America’s health-consciousness, the owners of KHIJO, Khiara (Khi) Washington and Katy Jo Holton, are focused on making their all-natural, multi-use hair product more earth friendly. KHIJO contains natural beeswax and honey from Katy Jo’s Honeybee farm that uses solar power, lanolin and vitamin E. Either fragrance chosen, lavender and coconut, can be used for hair, skin and/or nail care.


KHIJO’s tagline, “Naturally You, Naturally Unifying” was created to unify people, by KHIJO’s ability to be used by all people, and because of the other natural components used in it. Sustainable ink is used on the current KHIJO labels and often recycled paper, too.


“We are using sustainable sources for honey and wax,” Katy Jo explains. “We also are trying to find new containers and packages that are all either sustainable sources, PIR, and/or U.S. made.”


In addition to the aforementioned, the owners of KHIJO are working on offering refill packagers as an option to their customers instead of having to receive a new jar for reorders.


For more information about KHIJO and where you can purchase a jar, visit and to view how to use KHIJO videos, visit

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