Get Noticed by Influencers on Social Media Workbook

Get Noticed by Influencers on Social Media Workbook

Thank you guys for participating in the “5 Cost-Effective Methods to Build a Brand” Webinar and here is your discounted offer for the “Get Noticed By Influencers on Social Media” Workbook for only $27. Regular price is $37!!

For the most part, people are very inviting on some social networks because the more connections you have, the more of an influencer you become, even if that isn’t/wasn’t your goal. Social media influencers equates to leverage. Leverage equates to power and controlling your destiny.

According to Nielsen, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, 70% trust consumer reviews, while only 33% trust ads. So more people will buy, support and listen to social media influencers versus your carefully designed ad in a newspaper or a billboard.

In this handy dandy workbook, we will give a step-by-step action plan on how to get noticed by these social media influencers who will help you on the road to be an influencer, too. Get your copy now for only $27!!

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