MULYP Appoints FTP Owner as Social Media Manager

MULYP Appoints FTP Owner as Social Media Manager

The Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) Board appointed FTP owner TJ Jefferson as the Social Media Manager/Historian on May 2nd. She will take over all of MULYP’s social media accounts to engage with the Memphis young professional and local business communities.


“Choosing TJ as MULYP Social Media Manager was a decision that I made with confidence. She has proven herself to be successful as a Public Relations entrepreneur and her talents are unique to Memphis,” said President Cynthia Daniels. “MULYP is in its 10th year in Memphis and in order to excel as an organization, it takes the right talent to keep us current in this age of technology; TJ is that person to help us mobilize our supporters in the “Young Professional Movement.”


As one of the city’s largest networks of young leaders, MULYP is recognized throughout the community for its member’s accomplishments. Being a part of MULYP serves as a great networking tool, but also provides a structured way to volunteer, enhance your leadership ability and ultimately give back to the Memphis community! MULYP is working to fill a void in the Memphis community by attracting, assisting and supporting the next generation of Memphis leadership to create positive change.


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