ACCC Founder Fits with Healthy Living Radio Show

AUSTELL, GA-  Agape’ Christian Counseling Center ‘s (ACCC) Founder Ieshea Hartwell, who is a Certified Christian Counselor, will be a guest on the Healthy Living with Tonya and Myra’s live talk radio show in Atlanta, Saturday, June 23rd. She is scheduled to discuss why Christ should be an integral part of any relationship and to give tips on maintaining a healthy marriage on one of Atlanta’s premier inspirational talk radio shows.


“I’m going on the show to tell the listeners how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to failed friendships, failed marriages, failed family bonds, etc. because wandering aimlessly in the world without Christ is not excusable after Saturday,” Hartwell says. “I feel this show is the platform to spread this message on.”


Healthy Living with Tonya and Myra is a team of sisters, who decided to serve others through information given on how to live a healthy life physically and spiritually. The show airs every Saturday from 11am – 12pm on WEAC LOVE 860 AM or can be heard online at .

Women’s Group Launch WOW’d the Crowd

SMYRNA, GA- A Jeopardy-styled game, mixed with opinionated women, tossed with food and prizes equals a fun, interative evening at the SHE's GOT GAME event presented by Agape' Christian Counseling Center (ACCC) on Thursday, March 29th at the Smyrna Community Center. The event was the official launch of ACCC's new women's program W.O.W. Ministry, which is the acronym for Women of Worth.


[quote]"Our Jeopardy game really set the tone for the event, I enjoyed listening to all of these beautiful women from all walks of life engage in dialogue on various subjects. This was a snippet of how I designed W.O.W. Ministry." -Ieshea Hartwell, Founder/Executive Director of ACCC[/quote]


There was a panel of judges of comprised of Sisera Dowdy, Finance Attorney for Kutak Rock LLP, Yvonne Pierre, Owner of YPierre Productions, and Hartwell, who is a Certified Christian Counselor, who gave feedback on the answers from questions in categories such as "Monster-in-Law" and "Sex in the City" and "Love is Blind". The keynote speaker was Khiara Washington, who is the co-owner of KHIJO, an all-natural hair care product and she spoke on "Knowing Your Self-Worth." Guests also had opportunities to win prizes such as prayer pillows, candy babies, candle holders, etc.


[blockquote]"I came not really knowing what to expect, but what I learned from this event was to seek God, love self, and Girl Power!"  -Rhonda Shipp, audience member[/blockquote]


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New Women’s Group to WOW the Community

AUSTELL, GA- Helping dispirited women gain the confidence needed to pursue a better life is what Certified Christian Counselor, Ieshea Hartwell had in mind when she decided to create the Women of Worth Ministry (W.O.W.)™. She understood that all these women needed were support and guidance and she designed W.O.W. to assist women in fulfilling their personal and/or professional growth.


[quote]“I’ve been approached by lots of women about wanting to do something else with their lives but didn’t have the information or support to move forward. They look at my life and seem to think I have the information and can provide the support, so I took it as a sign from God and decided to start W.O.W.™” -Iesha Hartwell, Director of Agape CCC [/quote]


W.O.W.™ is a part of the non-profit organization, Agape Christian Counseling Center, which is her passion and has submitted paperwork to obtain her 501c3 status. Hartwell will act in the capacity of the Executive Director as she is completing her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is married and, along with her husband, she teaches a monthly marriage enrichment class and a weekly Sunday school class for couples at church.

Georgia’s Natural Honey is the Buzz in KHIJO’S Hair Cream Products

SAVANNAH, GA- Khijo Cream is created from natural beeswax and honey found in the state of Georgia. It is a hair cream used for dreadlocks repair and other styling maintenance. Co-Owner Katy Jo Holton scrapes it from the honeybee combs herself; she has been bee keeping and working with natural body products for years.


[quote]"Our product is loaded with solid nutrient for your hair. I love that it is all natural, and gives it a stellar performance on all hair types." -Katy Jo Holton, Owner of Khijo Hair Cream[/quote]


Co-Owner Khiara Washington, a local hairstylist, noticed a lot of her clients nowadays want to remove chemicals out of their hair, such as relaxers and color and they want to use natural hair care products. Khijo contains vitamins and oils that will help hair stay strong, shiny and healthy, naturally.


[blockquote]"My clients support Khijo Cream because it is a local business, using natural ingredients. And the fact that I keep getting referrals to use Khijo on my clients, speaks for itself." -Khiara Washington, Co-Owner of Khijo Hair Cream[/blockquote]


For more information about Khijo, visit