UPDATED: Fresh Touch Publicity’s Referral Program

We simply thrive off creating lasting partnerships and making money while we're at it. We're asking for YOUR help in being extended partners of #theFRESHteam and referring us to your network of amazing service-based companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals you know who needs public relations, branding, social media, marketing, media training, and web/graphic designing services. #theFREShteam wants to write YOU a check!! Here are the simple details:

You can receive a one-time $100 check from us EACH time you refer a potential partner to us AND they sign up for a package deal that results in a monthly retainer contract for services.
OR, you can receive referral points that will go towards services from #theFRESHteam each time a potential partner signs up for services from our a la carte list. For instances, if they just want a press release written and distributed, live posting on social media for a specific event, media training, graphic or website designs, etc.

We always asks potential partners how they hear about us so be SURE to tell them to use your name. Make sure you email us at inquiries@ftpublicity.com or fill out the form on the contact page or call or text us at 404-913-2122 and let us know it was YOU who referred them to us. That way we'll know exactly who to write out the check to. OK? Yep, it's that simple. Can't wait to break bread with you!

p.s. We want to THANK YOU so much for those of you who completed our survey regarding these incentives.

#FRESHClientNews: Bryan Harris speaks on Faith and Real Estate

What principles of your faith do you apply to real estate investing?

I always fall back on Habakkuk 2:2 – write the vision and make it plain. Whatever you want in life, you must first write it down and see it daily. What you repeatedly see, hear, taste, touch, smell, you become. These 5 senses create thoughts in your mind and according to scripture: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. So when I desire a thing, whatever that may be, I write it out as if I’ve already received it in my physical possession. By doing this, my FAITH in that desire brings it in to my world....READ THE REST HERE.

Fresh Touch Publicity Turns SIX!!

Fresh Touch Publicity turns SIX!! We celebrated by having a competitive game night at the Rec Room against our client; it was #theFRESHteam vs #TeamPrivileged. Ultimately, #theFREShteam prevailed with another win. We had a great time. Also, we collected money to pay for swimming lessons for kids in the Whitehaven area at the YMCA Davis Branch. Thank you to everyone who came out and who all donated!

*FREE* WEBINAR: 5 Cost-Effective Methods to Build a Brand

Transform your thinking!!

A Brand is not what YOU say it is; it's what THEY say it is!

As a small business owner or start-up business, we know that keeping costs down is imperative, but so is building your brand, which is necessary to gain new clients/customers. So how do you do both??? How do you create a connection with your client without breaking the bank?? Building a brand is a process but we've created a FREE Webinar to give you a blueprint on how to get started.

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