Women’s Luncheon to Endorse Sisterhood

SMYRNA, Ga.- Catty fights and talking behind each other’s backs are a few stigmas associated with the cliché of how “women don’t get along”. Instead of buying in to that cliché, Ieshea Hartwell, Founder of Agapé Christian Counseling Center (ACCC), decided to plan and host a “Sistah Friend Luncheon” Fundraiser to honor and celebrate sisterhood. The event takes place at the Taylor-Brawner Hall in Smyrna on Saturday, August 23rd. It is for women to bring other women, who have impacted their lives in a positive way- that woman could be her mother, sister, aunt, friend, cousin, neighbor, co-worker, etc.

“As women, we don’t spend enough time telling our sisters that they have it going on,” Hartwell laughs. “This event is all about taking that first step to making it a part of our own lives and hopefully it will break cultural and generational curses.”

All guests will be highly encouraged to wear hats for the “Parade of Hats” Runway portion of the program. ACCC’s brother organization, Men on Point, will prepare the food for the luncheon and serve the ladies as a way of honoring them. The keynote speaker is Elaine Bryant, a speaker who definitely is after God’s own heart. Bryant currently serves on ACCC’s Board of Directors as the Treasurer.

The tickets are $25 each and can be purchased online at https://celebratesistahfriends.eventbrite.com or you can purchase them directly from the ACCC by calling 404.913.6221

ACCC is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the counseling needs of adult individuals, couples and groups and hosts free monthly workshops for the community on various subjects through its W.O.W. Ministries (women of worth).

Empowerment Sessions have Leaders Sharing their Vulnerable Side

MABLETON, Ga. – Last year there seemed to be a headline every other month about a pastor or leader attempting or committing suicide. As a general rule, most leaders do not reveal to their followers when they’re frustrated or having personal issues. So where can these leaders talk out their frustrations or reveal their weaknesses or shortcomings? Agapé Christian Counseling Center has created the “Embracing Love Empowerment Sessions,” a small, invitation-only, open forum for women leaders to release all of those burdens without fear of judgment. The first round of participates opened up immediately at the first hour and a half session on April 28th.
“I shared some things tonight that I have never had the courage to say out loud,” said one participate.
Another participate said, “Thank you for allowing me to completely be myself; to exhale and woosah"
Because there is no agenda, the attendees are small in number so each person has time to share. All participates are leaders in the community, in churches, and in business. The topics range from Challenges in relationships at work, personal or the community, and the pressure of being held to a higher standard. Although, the ladies in the first session are leaders in different industries, they shared a commonality that the “Embracing Love Empowerment Sessions” gave them- a voice to be vulnerable.
“I openly praised God for my obedience after hearing all of the women share and tell me how each of them were blessed by this experience,” ACCC’s Executive Director Ieshea Hartwell said. “It really turned out to be something that was really needed.”
The next “Embracing Love Empowerment Session” will be Tuesday, May 20th at a location disclosed in Mableton on the invitation. If anyone would like to participate in the future sessions or if anyone wants to book a session with their own group of leaders, email info@agapecccinc.org.
ACCC is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the counseling needs of adult individuals, couples and groups and hosts free monthly workshops for the community on various subjects through its W.O.W. Ministries (women of worth). www.AgapeCCCinc.org

Local Nonprofit Celebrates Anniversary with Favorite Annual Event

Smyrna, Ga. - Tackling taboo subjects has been the primary success of W.O.W. Ministries, a women’s program through Mableton-based Agapé Christian Counseling Center. Since W.O.W. Ministries launch in March 2012, guests anticipate the “SHE’s GOT GAME” event, where there is an open discussion about sex, in-laws, abuse, etc. This year, the event will take place at the Smyrna Community Center on Saturday, March 22nd at 6pm. It is free and open to the public but everyone has to RSVP.
“It is a blessing that the event we created to launch W.O.W. Ministries is still a highly-anticipated event that our guests ask us about through-out the year,” said Ieshea Hartwell, ACCC’s Founder/Executive Director. “It’s a testament that when you do things in Kingdom Quality fashion, the people will receive it. This is our favorite event and we hope our guests leave just a little bit more knowledgeable and open-minded than when they arrived.”
There will be a panel of judges of comprised of local counselors and a keynote address. Guests will get the opportunity to mingle and network with each other, sample the appetizer and dessert bar, recap the major success stories of the previous year, hear upcoming news and have opportunities to win prizes. Be sure to follow on Twitter @AgapeCCCinc and search hashtag #SGG2 for updates. To RSVP, visit http://bit.ly/1cmmra4.
ACCC is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the counseling needs of adult individuals, couples and groups and hosts free monthly workshops for the community on various subjects through its W.O.W. Ministries (women of worth).

FTP Asks Memphians to Simply Give

MEMPHIS, Tenn- Fresh Touch Publicity (FTP) kicked off its 2nd Annual “Simply Giving Project” Nov. 1st, in which Memphians are asked to donate clothes, shoes, food, and money to the Serving In Christ Outreach Ministry (SICOM). These items are considered urgent need items because SICOM, a nonprofit organization, receives requests daily from people in the community needing them.


TJ Jefferson, owner of FTP, felt that it was important to partner with an organization that is in direct contact with the community on a regular basis. Fortunately, SICOM gives food and clothes to the people in the community throughout the year since 2010 when the organization was founded by Memphian Lashanta Rudd. The SICOM facility, headquartered in the Orange Mound area, has a computer room, food pantry, and clothing room to store donated items.


“When I was visiting the SICOM facilities, I witnessed someone calling in need of clothes for a job interview,” Jefferson said. “That confirmed that the ‘Simply Giving Project” was necessary.”


The “Simply Giving Project” runs from Nov. 1st through Nov. 26th online and items can be dropped off at 2546 Deadrick Ave and monetary donations can be made securely on SICOM’s website at www.ServingInChrist.weebly.com.


The sponsors are local small businesses- RichED Consults, an education consulting firm, Cocky Cutz, a barber shop and Kreative Kustom Wear, a graphic t-shirt printing company.

ACCC Founder Fits with Healthy Living Radio Show

AUSTELL, GA-  Agape’ Christian Counseling Center ‘s (ACCC) Founder Ieshea Hartwell, who is a Certified Christian Counselor, will be a guest on the Healthy Living with Tonya and Myra’s live talk radio show in Atlanta, Saturday, June 23rd. She is scheduled to discuss why Christ should be an integral part of any relationship and to give tips on maintaining a healthy marriage on one of Atlanta’s premier inspirational talk radio shows.


“I’m going on the show to tell the listeners how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to failed friendships, failed marriages, failed family bonds, etc. because wandering aimlessly in the world without Christ is not excusable after Saturday,” Hartwell says. “I feel this show is the platform to spread this message on.”


Healthy Living with Tonya and Myra is a team of sisters, who decided to serve others through information given on how to live a healthy life physically and spiritually. The show airs every Saturday from 11am – 12pm on WEAC LOVE 860 AM or can be heard online at http://love860.com/streamer/ .