The #HERoineLegacy Magazine & Brunch Sponsorship- 2018 Edition

Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am passionate about Memphis, Philanthropy, and Business and anytime I can incorporate all three in one event, I’ll jump on it. I love honoring people while they’re still here! So I created the HERoine Legacy Magazine to do just that for Women’s History Month. I chose women to interview who I believed have fully taken advantage of the opportunity that women of our past have created for us to be able to own businesses, preach the word, write books, lead professional organizations, etc. I'm honoring the impact of those brave women of our past. The HERoine Legacy magazine was a hit and it only was released digitally.

In addition to sharing the stories in the magazine, I'm hosting a HERoine Legacy Honors Brunch for the class of 2018 honorees. The theme will be “Passing the Torch.” I'm going to have some legendary trailblazers of Memphis to speak about their experiences and literally pass the torch to the honorees and issue them a challenge of how to continue moving forth. I'm going to have young ladies in high school and college to attend so the honorees can pass the torch and issue a challenge to them, too. The goal of the event is to have multi-generational women in a room honoring, celebrating, challenging, and inspiring each other. We need your help to make this possible.

We’ve secured the venue at Church Health Center, but we will need to rent chairs and tables and purchase catering services, decorations, trophies/plaques, entertainment, photography/videography services, printing services for the magazine and event program, giftbags, etc. We need this to ensure a memorable event. Your partnership in this tells the story of your support in acknowledging women doing great things even in the midst of today's climate of fighting for equal pay, over coming abuse of all kinds and just being respected period.

Fresh Touch Publicity will handle all of the public relations, marketing, social media & publicity efforts. We thank you and look forward to having your support and will be happy to answer any additional questions. You can contact me directly at

Simply Yours,
TJ Jefferson
Principal Owner of Fresh Touch Publicity



The #HERoineLegacy Sponsorship Packages

FTP Celebrates Women’s History Month with an Online Magazine Launch

Fresh Touch Publicity will be launching The #HERoineLegacy online magazine in honor of Women's History Month. Instead of highlighting all of the amazing women of our past, #theFRESHteam decided to highlight the women of today who took advantage of the path created by those amazing women of our past. The #HERoineLegacy will give you a first look at these lady heroes who are making strides towards etching a legacy for themselves- big or small.

The #HERoineLegacy's official publication date will be Wednesday, March 23 at 3:08pm, in honor of Addie L. Wyatt's recent March 8 birthday, who will be featured in the magazine and who is the great-grandmother of our Creative Director, Brian K. Wyatt, Jr.

"I decided to take an assessment of the women around me and I got excited that I am privy to know some great, everyday women," said TJ Jefferson, FTP's owner. "Their stories may not normally make your national headlines but I bet when you read their stories, you're going to want to know more about them."

The women included in this inaugural edition are (in last name order): Sherpri Giles, LaKeisha Harrison, LaKisha Johnson, Lauren Mattox, Ashley Northington, LaTrice Ryan, Tami Sawyer, TaSheba Thornton, and Karen Williams. This group consists of entrepreneurs, corporate climbers, community drivers, purpose walkers, and faith followers.

"It's a diverse group as far as background," Jefferson said. "At the end of the day, we're all women so some parts of their stories may be similar but the key takeaway is there is more than one way to overcome an obstacle or get to the road of success. These women take you on the journey with them and it's a beautiful view. I can't wait to everyone reads their stories."

In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to read quotes from these dynamic women. There are no immediate plans to expand the online magazine beyond March except to honor a new set of women next year.