#theFRESHteam: Summer Sixteen RECAP

Here are some highlights of our Summer Sixteen:

June 5: Beyond the Sky Consulting on Action News 5: http://bit.ly/BTSonNews5
June 8: Privileged Music Fest profiled on Choose901: http://bit.ly/PMFchoose901
June 19 Privileged Music Fest on Action News 5: http://bit.ly/PMFonWMC
June 20 Privileged Music Fest on Local Memphis 24 News: http://bit.ly/JWhitonLocal24
July 27: TJ Jefferson is hired to handle Marketing for Covenant Church Memphis
August 20: Partnered with Covenant Church Memphis for 2nd #AdoptAHighway cleanup
August 26: Received our plaque for participating in the MidSouth Food Bank's #OperationFeed Program for 4th year in a row
August 31: Covenant Church Memphis featured on Faith901 blog: http://bit.ly/CCMonFaith901
September 8: FTP Hired to handle pre-event press for the Memphis Urban Laughs Comedy Festival
September 18: GWBG and Covenant Church Memphis on Action News 5: http://bit.ly/GWBGCCMonNews5