AUSTELL, Ga. – Agapé Christian Counseling Center has created a new Employee Assistant Package for local businesses. ACCC is offering this professional service to help with employee morale and to increase productivity for the employer, which leads to happier employees and job stability. Also, this Employee Assistance Program can be added to your benefits package for new recruits.
The primary function of Christian Counseling is to assist individuals with emotional and mental support. ACCC’s certified Christian Counselors can provide that avenue for employees to express thoughts, emotions, and concerns in their family, work, or social lives and assist them with hardships of death, divorce, or marital difficulties.
The certified Christian Counselors have experience in dealing with individuals in a one-on-one setting and in a group setting. Currently, ACCC host monthly seminars and workshops in the community, and various organizations such as the Salvation Army. Also, H.O.P.E. Family Resource Center utilizes their services. ACCC has provided relationship/marital and domestic abuse advice on local radio shows.
The new Employee Assistance Package is budget-friendly for local businesses without skimping on the quality of the work and service provided.
PACKAGE includes the following:
-Give the Employee Assistance Program presentation to staff so they know it’s available and how to utilize the services
-Provide Flyers to place around office/facility so employees see contact info privately
-5 counseling sessions per year (3 face-to-face and 2 phone sessions)
COST- $400/month
BONUS: ACCC can plan & execute a team building workshop with employees semi-annually.
ACCC is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that focuses on the counseling needs of adult individuals, couples and groups and hosts free monthly workshops for the community on various subjects through its W.O.W. Ministries (women of worth).

ACCC to Present Stress Seminar to Salvation Army

ATLANTA – Agape’ Christian Counseling Center’s (ACCC) previous “How to Make Stress Work for You” seminar was such a hit that the Salvation Army has asked for it to be presented to its clients on Monday, August 6th. The location is 400 Luckie Street in Atlanta (across the street from the Luckie Lounge) and it begins at 6PM.


The previous seminar was facilitated by Ieshea Hartwell, who is the Executive Director of ACCC, and it was held at the Smyrna Community Center back in April. She gave biblical but practical tips such as writing down your favorite scripture and referencing it when stressful times arise. That event was sponsored by Favours Spa, who gave free 12-minute massages to the on-time attendees.


“I take these seminars very seriously,” Hartwell says. “I always hope to gain a positive response.”


Agapé Christian Counseling Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on the needs of couples, individuals, and groups through Christian Counseling. It was founded in 2011 in Austell, GA.