FTP Adopts a Highway for #EarthDay2016

Fresh Touch Publicity adopted a two-mile radius of Highway 61 through the state of Tennessee's Adopt-a-Highway program for #EarthDay2016. #theFRESHteam joined with P.A.U.S.E. Women's Organization of the University of Memphis for the cleanup. We started from the Tennessee/Mississippi state line on Third Street to almost the Weaver Road intersection. We finished with eight bags of trash. We'll be completing three more cleanups by next April. A sign will be put up soon in Fresh Touch Publicity's name.

Special shout out to our event sponsors the #BePrivileged Brand for providing water during the cleanup and to Tennessee BAEO for providing lunch and giving a great presentation.

cleanup ladies1

cleanup ladies 2

cleanup lunch

What’s Your Brand’s Alcoholic Equivalent?

Happy 2016!!! I hope it was everything you spoke it to be and more! If you're over 21 and you were anything like me, then a "spirit" was involved a little bit, somewhere in the celebration. I had a shot of Tennessee Honey (that's Jack Daniels for you non-Tennesseans) when the clock struck midnight. Now, when I'm out being fancy with my friends and colleagues, I usually indulge in a Lemon Drop Martini. As I was sipping one at my fave bar after a productive day, I began staring at the bottles on the top shelf. I'm one of those people who connect everything to business. So I asked myself which alcohol brand is the equivalent to Fresh Touch Publicity. Now if you know me, then you know I am a lightweight, so I was not drunk and I'm not that versed in the differences in the alcohols. So research was in order, and I don't mean taste-testing; I mean using my internet skills. ;-) My analysis came down to cost, value, and perception.

I know that top shelf alcohol tends to be more expensive because it is said to be the best. I think the word "expensive" for regular folks like me is subjective. We all have variations of opinions of what we consider expensive. For me, I am willing to spend more on local, limited things versus the name brand, more popular thing. Again, I relate everything back to business so I understand some of the challenges and limitations that a local, small business can go through in relation to pricing things slightly higher than a chain version of it. BUT to keep it real, I do appreciate and take advantage of some of the cheaper, chain version of things, too.

In the case of Fresh Touch Publicity, we're not cheap but we are affordable and flexible; we offer many ways to get your needs met. I know agencies that charges 10 times what we charge mainly because they have way more employees and administrative overhead bills that we do not have at this time, on purpose. There is only an army of two at FTP, and we bring in freelancers as needed. So I decided that we are much like Ciroc Vodka that there are two masterminds behind the brand but it offers multiple flavors of the vodka to cater to your many tastes. We're working on being a household name. Where is our Diddy??? lol

Now, I love a hookup as much as the next person but there are limitations, people. As a business owner, I am more than intentional in recognizing opportunities that may be beneficial long-term because the return on investment will be more than eating the cost of whatever I didn't charge for. I spoke last year at an event in which I titled my speech "I Am A Value" to explain to the audience that I understand what I bring to the table in experience - failures and successes. Fresh Touch Publicity offers value because we do not take your money without you understanding the realistic goals that we'll be working toward. Our value lies in our honesty and integrity in a service-based industry in which we can be vague about what we can and cannot do but we choose to be transparent. So I decided that we are much like Crown Royal Whiskey that they have uncompromising standards in the way that they mix its ingredients the same way since day one. It is said to have natural ingredients born from the tough weather of Canada. This industry is tough and highly competitive but it is natural for our team to NOT compromise the trust of our partners (clients) just to get over and make a quick buck! Nope! Not interested.

They say perception is reality. I wish that statement would be only part of the truth. I wish the second part of that would be "until you learn the truth," but you would have to be open-minded and willing to be wrong to let that part flourish. The perception of Fresh Touch Publicity is that it should be bigger than what we're working with as far as having an office and employees. All of that sound good. I even had an office space for a little while but, honestly, it was more of a headache to get up, put on clothes, and drive somewhere everyday when there was nothing on my calendar that I had to meet with anyone physically. I've been able to do a lot in my pajamas and laptop. So I decided that we are much like Jack Daniels because its makers perceive it to be ready, but not by a calendar or just by taste, but by the way it looks and smells. Though this method is unorthodox, it seems to be working since the 1800s!

So as you can see there are stories behind these alcohol brands. Which one can you compare your business or organization to? Will you ever look at the top shelf the same again? We hope not so have your next drink in our honor! Cheers!! ((((SIP RESPONSIBLY.))))

What is your brand's story? How can it be relatable to your potential partners? If you're still unsure about that, you need to be asking me here!

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FTP Owner TJ Jefferson Starting Fiscal Year with Lots of Visibility

Memphis, Tenn. – Fresh Touch Publicity’s Principal Owner TJ Jefferson is beginning the fiscal year with four opportunities to expand her brand in front diverse audiences.

She kicks off August 12 with speaking to 12 mentors and their mentees from the local nonprofit organization Girlz Life about “Social Media Responsibility” with an interactive activity that will start the conversation between the mentors and mentees.

Next, TJ will moderate the “Redefining Philanthropy” session during the Memphis Urban League Young Professional’s “Uniting to Lead” Empowerment Conference at the Hilton Hotel on August 23. She sits on a few nonprofit boards, such as MULYP, and she organizes her own fundraiser every year for a local nonprofit organization through FTP’s “The Simply Giving Project”.

“Initially, TJ was on the panel but we asked her to moderate because she has such a great personality,” MULYP President Cynthia Daniels said.

The “Memphis Startup” group meets monthly at the University of Memphis and TJ will be speaking to them about Public Relations and its importance for the long-term goals of any business.

TJ ends the month with Fresh Touch Publicity hosting an encore presentation of the “The Social Media Circuit Training” workshop August 30. The interactive workshop gives quick social media know-hows to incorporate into businesses and nonprofit organizations’ profiles immediately.

“All of these opportunities show me that it’s time to step from behind FTP,” TJ says. “This day in business, people don’t buy in to company brands alone; they buy in to people.”