New Women’s Group to WOW the Community

AUSTELL, GA- Helping dispirited women gain the confidence needed to pursue a better life is what Certified Christian Counselor, Ieshea Hartwell had in mind when she decided to create the Women of Worth Ministry (W.O.W.)™. She understood that all these women needed were support and guidance and she designed W.O.W. to assist women in fulfilling their personal and/or professional growth.


[quote]“I’ve been approached by lots of women about wanting to do something else with their lives but didn’t have the information or support to move forward. They look at my life and seem to think I have the information and can provide the support, so I took it as a sign from God and decided to start W.O.W.™” -Iesha Hartwell, Director of Agape CCC [/quote]


W.O.W.™ is a part of the non-profit organization, Agape Christian Counseling Center, which is her passion and has submitted paperwork to obtain her 501c3 status. Hartwell will act in the capacity of the Executive Director as she is completing her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is married and, along with her husband, she teaches a monthly marriage enrichment class and a weekly Sunday school class for couples at church.