The #HERoineLegacy Magazine- 2017 Edition

The #HERoineLegacy Magazine- 2017 Edition

Dear Potential Sponsor,

I am passionate about Memphis, Philanthropy, and Business and anytime I can incorporate all three in one event, I’ll jump on it. I love honoring people while they’re still here! So I created the HERoine Legacy Magazine to do just that for March 2016 Women’s History Month. I chose nine women to interview who I believed had fully taken advantage of the opportunity that women of our past had paved for us to be able to own businesses, preach the word, write books, lead professional organizations, etc. We’re honoring the impact of those brave women of our past. The HERoine Legacy magazine was a hit and we only released it digitally.

This year, we wanted to do a physical celebration by hosting a HERoine Legacy Honors Brunch for the class of 2017 honorees. This year’s theme will be “Passing the Torch.” We’re going to have three legendary trailblazers of Memphis to speak about their experiences and literally pass the torch to the honorees and give them a challenge of how to continue moving forth. We want it to be a private event for young ladies in high school and college to attend and then we’ll have the honorees to pass the torch and issue a challenge to them, too. We want it to be an event of multi-generational women in a room honoring, celebrating, challenging, and inspiring each other. We need your help to make this possible.

We’ve secured the venue at Covenant Memphis, but we will need to rent chairs and tables and purchase catering services, decorations, trophies/plaques, entertainment, photography/videography services, printing services for the magazine and event program, giftbags, etc. We need this to ensure a memorable event.

Fresh Touch Publicity will handle all of the public relations, marketing, social media & publicity efforts. We thank you and look forward to having your support and will be happy to answer any additional questions. You can contact me directly at

Simply Yours,
TJ Jefferson
Principal Owner of Fresh Touch Publicity

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